The American Bandogge mastiff is unique. It gets its name from the word Saxon meaning chain. The reason or the significance is because they were known to be tied up by day and then they were released at night so that they can guard the home.

American Bandogge breed

   This breed of mastiff has only been around for about forty years, or more. What had happened is an American veterinarian cross bred an American pit bull terrier with a huge Neapolitan Mastiff female.

The breeder who started this evolution of mastiffs is John Swinford and then another one also assisted in getting this breed going, and his name is Joe Lucero.

 there are several different varieties in the breed, such as cross breeding an English mastiff with the American pit bull. The closer to the original initial breeds are the most stable. This breed is well known for its muscular and athletic look. Naturally, he inherits that from his pit bull bloodline.

There is also a variety of colour patterns that you may notice within this brilliant breed. Some of the colours may consist of tawny, blue, black and red. However, for the most part this dog is black brindle.

This dog is extremely easy to train and is very obedient. He is well known for his calm temperament. Weighing in on average of about one hundred to one hundred forty pounds, he is also a very confident dog. These dogs are bred to protect but the demeanour of this protector is quiet.

The American Bandogge mastiff is also considered to be highly intelligent and a very good guard dog. The only thing with this dog is that when he is in the process of guarding the territory, he doesn’t like to bark. It is kind of hard to be a watch dog without barking.

I am sure it has its advantages and disadvantages. I don’t think that I would want this huge dog sneaking up on me if I were in the process of robbing its home.

With their quiet nature, they also tend to have separation anxiety. They get lonely quickly and do not like for their owners to be out of their sight.

Despite the lack of barking at intruders as they come about, these gentle giants will howl when their owners are absent. Just like most dogs, if they are raised from a puppy around other animals, even kittens, they can get along with them just fine, despite their large build.

Being the large dog that they are, they are also very active and love to exercise. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. They will need to go on a regular walk, especially if they are confined to a house all day long while you are at work.

It doesn’t take too long to get attached to these ‘Silent Peacekeepers’. They attach quickly to their owners and family and are very good with all age groups.

The American Bandog is also very easy to groom and maintain. They tend to have a little bit of dry skin. However, they are easy to take care of as far as brushing, for the most part. They have a short coat that is easy to maintain.

There you have it, an all American, well rounded dog. A family friendly, one hundred forty-pound, pound gentle giant. He will ease up on an intruder without a sound yet go hysterical when his loving family is away. Wonderful with families that will most definitely defend his own.

Not to mention he is easy to groom with short hair. This is a brand-new breed that has only been around for about forty years and continues to thrive, today. If you can live with a huge dog and a little bit of slobbery kisses and love, then the American Bandogge may just be the right dog for you!

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