The American Mastiff is a huge dog with a characteristic wide rectangular head. Its eyes are generally amber coloured; however, one can find variation in shades. Most kinds also have moderate muzzles which fit well with the head size. This breed may come in various shades of brown and black.

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Breed Information

Other known breed names North American mastiff, and also just shortened to AM
Type of coatAM’s coat is usually short in length and quite dense
Colouring of the American breedMainly brindle as the most recognizable, but other shades and colours include fawn, apricot and brown
Country of originUnited States of America
What type of dog is the American Mastiff Medium level of exercise needed so not really a hard working dog, can make for family pet if trained at young age
How long does the breed live 8-12 years approx
How big can they grow, and how heavyHeight Male:
29 – 36 inches
Weight 160-200lbs

Height Female:

26 – 34 inches
Weight 140-180lbs
How many pups does the average litter have Litters can vary 4-6 puppies approx
How is the breed with children and other pets Like any breed of dog if treated well and given basic training then is no reason the dog cant be a valued family member
How much can expect to pay for a puppy, what’s the price or cost of American puppies for saleYou can expect to pay between $1000 to $2500 dependent of breeder and location and obviously the demand is also a factor if litters are rare in your area

It is interesting to note that the muzzle can be black or white and the colour extends down to the breast and the underbelly. Generally, its ears are large and soft and droop lifelessly on the sides of the head. However, ears can be cropped into various patterns and shapes the notable ones being triangular.

The American Mastiff is officially recognized as a designer breed and has been around for less than a quarter of a century. This breed was created by cross breeding the Anatolian shepherd breed with a pure-bred English Mastiff (Original Mastiff).

Its creation was based on the need to create a breed that was of free of the common deficiencies in Mastiff and make them more resistant to diseases.

This breed has more qualities of an English Mastiff than the Anatolian breed from which it also descended.

Therefore, some individuals have referred to the American Mastiff as the new or refined breed which is not actually an accurate observation as far as the breeds heritage is concerned.

They were created purely for domestication purposes and so it is common to find them in many American homes. Although their value is at par with that of the true Mastiff, their propagation and acceptance has been quite controversial.

This breed has a broad chest which is quite deep and extends quite low to the elbows. The limbs are well boned and developed and hold a remarkable mass of muscles.

Both legs are strong and provide firm support for this heavy breed. Its back is medium in length and straight. The toes are arched and provide grip when the dog is in motion.

On average, the male American Mastiff weighs between 160-200 lbs while the female one weighs between 140-180 lbs.

Although this is a less temperamental and less troublesome breed, this should not be misconstrued for docility. On some occasions it can be quite aggressive and so good care and handling is necessary to keep them in good mood.

The American Mastiff can be quite aggressive from 8 months of age to 2 years when its dentition is developing, and it is responding to the changes by exhibiting bold tendencies.

It is believed because they carry the genes of the Anatolian shepherd, a watchdog, this Mastiff develops innate guarding traits. Just like all guarding dogs which are inclined to aggression, this Mastiff can be quite hard to manage if it is not trained properly from an early age.

So, an experienced dog handler is required for the fast maturing breed. An American Mastiff does not possibly breed a pure progeny because of its mixed ancestry. So, one cannot possibly predict the outcome of the physical features of the new progeny of puppies.

Aspects such a coat colour and body shape maybe shared or mixed between the traits of the ancestor breeds in its heritage line.

There has been some contention on mixing this breed with other because of the unpredictable nature of behaviour of the cross breed that will arise.

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