The Antebellum bulldog is a breed that is originates in the USA and bears close semblance to a mastiff. Its heritage is believed to be drawn from some of the War dogs that were bred in the first century AD by the Romans. Later, it is reported to have been bred by the savage tribes of England at around 1000 AD.

The Antebellum bulldog breed of dogs

The Antebellum bulldog is typically a cross breed between the Standard and the Classic bulldogs with some having been infused with traits of Native South American bulldogs.

This one of the few breeds of bulldogs which has characteristic white coats. This breed is categorized as a working dog used for herding cattle, but it has also grown to become a reliable watchdog.

It is believed to have common ancestry with the American bulldog as evidenced by some of the shared traits.

The Antebellum bulldog is a breed which has a medium sized elongated body. It also has a muscular appearance which makes it look quite heavy. Generally, the coat is short and white in colour with some dogs having different colour patches on the breast, the under belly, and the area around the head.

Its eye colour is blue, but this can vary in shades and depending on the dog’s health. On average, these bulldogs measure 25-30 inches in length from the shoulders and weighs between 36-68kg, however, one may find slightly heavier breeds.

The male breed is also heavier than the female ones and with more prominent features.

There seems to be considerable doubt concerning the dog’s status because some contend that the Antebellum bulldog is a rare breed while some contend that it is a novel breed.

Perhaps part of the confusion stems from the fact that some individuals have often assumed them to be American Bull Terriers. Although it resembles the English bulldog, the breed is quite bigger than its medium sized cousin.

The Antebellum bulldog is quite docile with characteristic friendly and loyal predisposition. Thus, it makes a great pet for dog lovers. It is quite calm and mature in appearance but irate when it encounters strangers who have no regard for its space.

The owner can benefit immensely by socializing the breed from its infancy so that it can become more amiable. Part of this training includes exposing them to both humans and other pets and most importantly make them subservient in the homestead.

Bulldog breeds that are reared in town apartments should ideally be taken for routine exercise such as walks and jogging to remove anxiety and improve their demeanour.

Naturally, dogs are playful and so the breed may fare well where it can run and play without restrictions. A bitch can litter between 5-12 puppies in a year and the breed can live for between 12-15 years when properly maintained.

Currently, breeders are trying to maintain the purity of this breed so that the future progenies may have similar traits with their ancestors.

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