The Banter Bulldogge is a recent breed of working dog which was first originated in South East Ohio at the close of the 20th century.

Banter Bulldogge mastiff dog breed

This breed was developed with the aim of recreating the heritage of the 18th century Belgian Bullenbeiser breed, a much smaller mastiff whose genes were dominant in the creation of the Boxer breed together with other prominent Bavarian breeds.

They are used for weight pulling, working, hunting, guard and companion dogs.

Naturally a working dog with a slight heavy built. This breed comes in solid shades of brown and black with small patches of white.

Its mixed ancestry can be traced to a variety of working dogs. On average, the males weigh anything between 23-39 kg and measure 53-61 cm while the females weigh 23-34 kg and measure 51-58 cm in height from the shoulders.

A healthy dog can live for up to 14 years when fed and taken care of properly regarding physical attributes, the breed has a flat broad head which supports a powerful set of jaws the teeth are equally strong and sharp.

This breed does not experience much breathing difficulties because of it upturned muzzle which allows it to inhale with ease.

The characteristic round eyes are set wide apart on the forehead and the few wrinkles lining the face gives it a slightly severe expression and inquisitive look.

In addition, Banters nose is well proportioned to the muzzle and black in colour but there are variations in shade. The raised neck is muscular and arched broadening towards the body.

The broad chest and strong muscular forelegs give the Banter Bulldogge the much-needed stamina and power. Similarly, the hind legs are well muscled giving it extra power for leaping.

Normally, the tail is lowered in resting position but raised while in motion.

Routine walks and exercises will turn the bored and tired Banter into a lively, frivolous dog that won’t fail to impress with amazing theatrics. A good long walk and light jogging will help ease anxiety and make it quite receptive to people.

The small empty back yard can be the ideal place to roll, scratch, and hop. This breed does not need require much grooming, but its smooth and close-cropped coat lightens the task of grooming.

Brushing the hair can remove dead hairs while washing removes parasites and dust making the coat cleaner and shinier. Banter Bulldogge is one of the easiest breeds to train.

 It is also more genial and can fit well in a family where it is showered with affection and attention. Its mental sharpness is remarkable and so it can be used as a superb watchdog.

This breed can provide reasonable protection to the family against possible intrusion by strangers. Although it is quite docile, the owner needs to re-enforce supremacy over the dog to make it subservient and loyal.

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