Although the Cimarrón Uruguayo is originated in Uruguay, its origin remains a matter of considerable doubt. However, to dispel the uncertainty that surrounds its origin some dog historians have fronted the idea that it was first introduced by the Spanish conquerors in the 15th century.

It is therefore believed to have descended from the dogs of these conquerors. Since then, the dogs have bred especially in the countryside and because of careful breeding, the more agile and strong breeds have arisen, and this is only part of its little-known heritage.

These dogs have attained immense popularity among the cattle herding population and in many estates because of their value. They have assumed the responsibilities of security and guardian dogs as well as hunting and their performance is quite impressive.

This breed has a somewhat balanced temperament. It is a very intelligent dog with courageous predisposition.

About appearance, the Cimarrón Uruguayo breed is medium sized with strong muscular limbs and bones. It also has a compact and agile body.

The skull also appears to be quite wide than its length with a well pronounced occiput.  Generally, the nose is broad and black in colour. The skin on the mouth hangs loosely. Its jaws are well formed and hold powerful, sharp, and strong teeth. Both upper and lower incisors overlap in the jaws.

 In addition, the Cimarrón Uruguayo breed has moderate cheeks and its eyes are almond shaped and medium sized which gives an expression which appears to be inquisitive in all intents.

The triangular ears are also medium sized and set with moderate firmness and can be cropped to improve their appearance if it is desirable. it has been noted for their short muzzles.

Proportionally, the height from the elbow is the same as that elbow to withers while the height at withers equivalent to that of croup. The neck is also well muscled though medium in length.

Cimarrón Uruguayo has oval shaped and well arched toes supported by strong pads.  The hind and forequarters quarters and thighs are well developed and muscled with the hind seeming straight when observed from behind.

Its tails are medium set and extends to the hock and is normally down when resting but in motion raised upwards. It also has a deep broad and well-developed chest which extends to the elbow.

This breed has thick supple skin. The fur is short and smooth and closely attached to the body.

On average, the male breeds may be range in height from 55-58 cm and weigh anything between 38-45 kg, while the females height 58-61 cm and weight range 33-41kg. Generally, the males are taller and heavier than female breeds.

The front limbs have a good reach with equally good drive behind. The breed also has parallel legs when observed from back and front views and they streamline when they move faster.

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