Destructive Chewing…How to Stop

My Mastiff Has Eaten My Sofa

A Mastiff that picks up the nasty habit of chewing anything it can find including furniture, clothes, shoes, the back seat or your car, can and will become a very expensive dog to keep and the money you will spend on replacement items will soon mount up if you don’t take control of the situation.

You will find that most household items you usually leave lying around will become the puppies/dogs first choice as they are easy to reach and small enough to get their teeth into as a starter for bigger items. So, anything expensive such as small electronics, expensive shoes you kick off in the hallway, you may want to place such items out of the reach and eye line of you knew found hairy friend.

Destructive Chewing

Every heard of solve the problem not the symptom, so the first point of call is to figure out why your mastiff has gained a new expensive addiction of destroying your personal expensive items, the dog is obviously not doing this out of malice and has no idea its doing anything wrong , which is where you come into play , first steps of training .

It wasn’t ME?

A young dog or puppy has no idea of the price of a pair of expensive running shoes or the latest iPhone compared to its other cheap dog toys, to them they are just there and small enough to grab and indulge in their newfound destructive habit.

It’s always better to catch your mastiff in the act rather than after the deed has been done, although they may look like “its wasn’t me face” they don’t really know they have done wrong, so its imperative to teach them it’s a  NO for your personal stuff and a yes to Mr squeaky bone, dogs best react to been shown  praise and congratulations for when the use their own toys, with the option of a treat reward to ensure they are fully rewarded.

 I’m Bored

Leaving you mastiff dog alone only to find they have eaten half of your sofa for starters and the leather armchair for main and your soft fancy pillows for desert is not going to go down well every time you decide to go out. This maybe from pure boredom or anxiety been left alone.

Obviously training them not to do this is your first option but sometimes that can take a while and some dogs cotton on faster than others, so a specific dog space where they can be securely shut in is one option, a dog with nothing to chew and a comfy bed and water and food is going to spend 99% of the time asleep.

If you feel your dog is feeling anxiety then some of the dog / baby video monitors on the market are now cheap enough to give you the ability to set one up and take some time to understand why the dogs is chewing, then if need be seek expert advise from your local dog training centre.


Destructive continued chewing by any dog is going to be a trial and the need for a resolution is needed quick to prevent your wallet or purse been drained of your hard-earned money. Expert advice sometimes will be needed but if you catch the mastiff quick in the early months and use the praise and NO techniques then the puppy will quickly learn what is right and wrong.

Also exercise your dog, keep them not necessarily entertained but active and stimulated in the mind, there’s a lot to be said for your mastiff using its brain and therefore less time to think of its bad habits

If you want more information on all aspects of the mastiff breed that will answer your questions, then check out “Damn Tough” a comprehensive mastiff owner’s manual that every owner should own.

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