Choosing the Right Dog Collar for a Large Breed

Large dogs can be quite a challenge. Even the simplest activities like taking them for a walk or training them becomes a big task. They’re strong, and they can sometimes be aggressive too. It’s important to get your dog under control, this is because the safety of your dog and the general public are at risk if you’re not well equipped.

Large harness dog collar

A good place to start when keeping your dog controlled is to buy the right dog collar. Any old collar won’t do though. For a large breed, you’ll need to take some additional factors into consideration.

Things to Consider

  •  – A big dog needs a big collar. Make sure the collar you choose isn’t too big. You don’t want your dog slipping out of it. Measure your dog’s neck beforehand to be sure which size is appropriate.
  • – Some larger breeds tend to have thick folds of skin around their neck. Choosing a collar that accommodates these physical characteristics is important. In many cases, fur can wear down and the collar can rub on exposed skin which is uncomfortable for your dog.
  • – A large dog like a Mastiff is powerful. As a result of this, you’ll need to choose a collar that can withstand the wear and tear of a hefty pooch. It is recommended that you choose a leather collar, although other variants can work.
  • – Not all dogs are made the same. Make sure you get a collar that is adjustable at different points. Also, consider if you want a choke collar or a no-pull collar. A choke collar offers more control but a no-pull collar is recommended by vets. It is also helpful to note that choke collars may put some added strain on your dog’s trachea.

Types of Collars

Aside from the conventional choke collars, here are a couple of types of collars that work great for large dog breeds:

Martingale Collar – This type of collar is designed to sit loosely on your dog’s neck. This collar is different from a pronged choke collar, in the sense that it does not poke into the dog’s skin, causing them discomfort. Martingale collars function by tightening as the dog pulls, and then loosening as they relax. This style of collar is especially helpful if you’re training your dog to stop pulling.

Agitation Collar – These collars are great for training and controlling a big dog. They are thick collars made of leather and come equipped with a handle on the back. This handle is great for pulling a dog back.

Make sure you speak to a vet before using this collar. It’s not generally intended for everyday use, and you should take it off when it’s not in use.

The main drawback of this collar is that it encourages your dog to pull, so you should only use it if your dog is trained.


Choosing a collar for your dog is an important decision. It can make or break the temperament of your dog and it makes training much easier. It is also recommended that you consult a veterinarian, even after doing some research.

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