Dogo Guatemalteco is predominantly a small to medium sized terrier which is originates in Guatemala. It has been bred for at least seven decades and gained popularity outside of this South American country.

Previously, it was known as a Guatemala terrier but with time the name was changed to its current name. It is generally classified as a fighting dog and weighs approximately 56-80 pounds and measures 23 inches in height from the shoulders. Its short coat is predominantly white in colour.

There is considerable doubt concerning the origin of the Dogo Guatemalteco breed with some suggesting that it originated from medieval England.

In the past, they were used for combat and dog fighting. Some still use this dog for the infamous purpose of fighting because of their remarkable endurance, aggressiveness, and sharp intellect.

The dog even attained the name of gladiator because of its involvement in fighting contests. Its stamina and intellectual acuity give is the motivation behind its fighting spirit.

Just like other country dogs that enjoy the pristine country environment, this active breed can flourish in the eventful country environment.

There are variations of the Dogo Guatemalteco breed which has resulted in two different kinds with similar physical features but different sizes. The larger breed is believed to be a cross-breed between the Guatemalteco breed and its Argentinean counterpart.

However, some dog pundits claim its heritage is from the South American country in which it originated. It was only in the early 1930s that this breed was fully recognized. After this time, the breed gained immense popularity and was bred by many people.

 Although the Galluser family is hailed for propagating the Dogo Guatemalteco breed in Guatemala, there is no documented evidence which points out the origin or the pioneer breeders in ancient times.

Nevertheless, there are some indications that it draws its heritage from the terrier breeds of ancient England, a view cannot be substantiated. Some believe that specific attributes of these dogs were acquired genetically from the Dalmatian breed for which it has links.

This breed is also intelligent and courageous with unmatched strength which is also seen in some of the breeds for which it has been linked to.

Physically, the breed resembles the American Terrier. Some of the typical features include the remarkably tall body and pronounced head and muzzle.

The jaws are well aligned and hold a set of sharp incisors.  The smooth dense coat is generally rough and white in colour, but some may have characteristically black patches around the head and black spots on the coat

With changing times, the breed has lost its fighting spirit, and this is evidenced in domesticated breeds which are now loyal and less troublesome.

Home owners who own these dogs may find them calm and good natured. However, this does not mean it has lost its ferocity and so strangers should be careful not to provoke the dog because it can turn fiercely wild. This is a hardy breed and is therefore less susceptible to many dog diseases.

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