Dogo Sardesco is a native working dog of Sardinia and it is quite unknown outside mainland Italy. It has been employed for general farm purposes like herding cattle because of its aggressive and loyal demeanour.

As a farm dog, the breed has become an animal of necessity to the farming community of the rural countryside.

Although it originated in Sardinia, it is quite difficult to determine or trace the origin of Dogo Sardesco but dog pundits support the view that it has common ancestry with other canines such as the Neapolitan mastiff which descended from the Cane Presa breed in Italy.

Dog pundits believe it has been in existence for more than 3000 years and was bred in the ancient Roman Empire as war dogs.

Dogo SardescoVery little documented evidence exists about the true heritage of Dogo Sardesco and so considerable doubt abounds on the nature of the original breed.

This confusion is heightened by the reports that there exist two breeds. However, on close examination, one will find that linguistic mix up is what causes much of confusion for some breed that is linked to the Sardinian Dogo.

The Dogo is a short haired bulldog with a muscular body and coarse coat. Prominent facial features include an extended muzzle and a firm skin. Its stamina is a function of the strong legs and neck coupled with the agility of a lean body which gives it immense power. 

The head is more pronounced with round eyes and the jaws powerful with a set of well aligned teeth. One can spot differences in the shades of the eyes in different dogs.

 This Sardinian breed has well developed bones and a muscular athletic body. Generally, they measure 56-68 cm at the shoulders and on average they weigh 30-45 kg. Nevertheless, there are allowances to both height and weight depending on how the dog is raised.

With its impressive herding and guarding abilities, this breed has remained the favourite herding dog for the cattle rearing community in Sardinia and Italy.

It is also a reliable guarding dog and its aggressive predisposition also makes it a good hunting dog. Some breeders keep this breed for security because of its fierce demeanour and good stamina which gives it unusual power.

Tamed Dogo Sardesco breeds can be quite gentle and reserved unless provoked to act with aggression by their natural instincts. Those who own these dogs can be quick to note the two extremes under different circumstances.

As guardian dogs, their severe looks can be quite intimidating to strangers and when coupled by fierce temperament, intruders will not have anywhere to run to and so owners can be assured of the safety of their property from intruders.

Interestingly, this breed can respond with equal affection and be good natured to the owners when taken good care of. Training and socialization are important. A good dog handler can make a typical Dogo Sardesco less troublesome especially when in the company of another breed.

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