The English mastiff is a huge dog with a square type appearance. They are classified as a working dog. They are a huge breed all the way around. Their legs tend to be spread apart, much like a bulldog. The average male weighs about 160-230 pounds.

Then the average female is about 140-190 pounds. The average height of this breed is about 30 inches to the shoulder for males and 27 1/2 for females.

  In fact, the biggest dog that was ever recorded was a mastiff in England named Zorba. He weighed 315 pounds and stood 37 inches off the ground. From the tip of his nose to the end of his tail was about 8 feet and a few inches. They have a short coat.

Their colours are silver-fawn, apricot-fawn or dark-fawn brindle. They always have black on their muzzle, nose, around their eyes and their ears.

 The word Mastiff comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘masty’ which means powerful. It was used in some of the cruellest ways in the 6Th century BC. These activities included blood sports like lion-baiting and dog fighting. They were even used in bear baiting as well. It wasn’t the Mastiff that was being attacked.

These other animals were chained up and the English Mastiff would attack the animals and ultimately kill them. Even the animal’s remains were fed to the dog after it was deceased. When animal baiting became a crime in the United Kingdom back in 1835 and during the second World War, the mastiff was brought to America to preserve the breed. There are several types of mastiffs besides the English Mastiff.

For the most part, all mastiffs have a good, loving temperament. They are courageous, affectionate and are full of dignity. They are good watch dogs as well. When appropriate, this dog will stand between his owner and an intruder. In his stance, if the intruder will not walk away, the mastiff will take defence.

The English Mastiff is among the top 10 guard dogs. As huge as they are, they are still a very gentle and well-tempered dog. Despite their gigantic appearance, they are calm, laid back and very good natured. You never have to worry about their loyalty. They are very true to their owner, yet they don’t show it too much. The English Mastiff is very good with all human age brackets.

They are extremely affectionate. Although they are good with any size home, that is if they don’t take up the whole apartment, they need room to exercise and play. It is essential for their health. If they are taken care of properly with the correct diet and plenty of exercise, they can live to be about nine to eleven years old.

In those years, there may be a few problems come up as far as their health and wellbeing is concerned. They have a history of hip dysplasia and obesity. One of the other major problems that are well known for this breed is gastric torsion.

Some other problems may include allergies, cardiomyopathy and persistent pupillary membranes. Not to mention, a hand-full of other problems as well. There are some initial tests that people recommend you have done on a new puppy before you purchase it. These tests are for hips, eyes, thyroid and elbow.

The English Mastiff, known for his huge body, is not but a big baby in nature. He is gentle and calm. There are three words that may describe this beautiful dog and those are gentle, complacent and loving.

Despite their gentle nature, you don’t want to be an aggressor towards him. He is a very loyal and a defensive guard dog as well. With the biggest dog ever being a mastiff, you can say he truly has something to bark about.

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