The Gran Mastin de Borinquen is alternatively referred to as the Puerto Rican Mastiff and it is domiciled in Puerto Rico off the coast of the US. It was recovered in the 70s through a careful breeding programme to extend its progeny.

This breed is believed to have had its origin among the Spanish Conquistadors who ventured into the new-found America in the 15th century.

It has a mixed heritage which can be traced to breeds such as Latin American Molossers and classic Spanish war dogs. In the uprising against Spanish colonial rule, the soldiers used them against the rebels and dissidents to stem the rebellion and to protect themselves against the savage Indian natives who made sporadic attacks on the Spanish settlements.

the Gran Mastin de Borinquen is a huge dog which has a firm upright gait and agile body. The head is quite broad and the muzzle medium in length. The black nose is quite large while the nasal bridge set straight.

Its ears are also small and quite thin and droop somewhat lifelessly on the sides of its round head. The coat is of fair medium size and cropped closely and comes in a variety of brindle, black, fawn and shades of white.

The dense coat hair is rough to touch and can either be plain or with patches. The hind leg is thickly flesh and muscular.

In addition, this Puerto Rican Mastiff has strong upper and lower jaws which also hold a powerful set of canine teeth with exceptional scissor bite. Its eyes are quite small and come in shades of brown which gives it a composed and dignified look.

Its neck is thick and slightly arched and broadens away from the neck. Its broad loins are also muscular. It also has a broad raised chest on which raised sprung up ribs. The thick tail is normally raised and tapers towards the end.

Because of its upright gait and huge body, the breed can be quite intimidating. Nevertheless, the composed modern breed displays a combination of bonhomie qualities such as tolerance and genuine boldness in the face of danger or provocation and so it is a great asset for the home owner who wants a watch dog with a balance in temperament and physical features.

This is not a lanky docile dog that is used to carpet sleeping but a vivacious playful dog that is used to country environments where it can run and play care free.

Therefore, those who intend to raise it as a pet should ideally make adequate arrangements to give it the best environment in which it can thrive.

This breed can be fiercely loyal as was evidenced by their unwavering fights to defend their masters against frequent attacks by native Indian. So, the master can be assured of adequate protection against intruders and strangers with ill intent.

Generally, the male weighs 45-68kg and measures 61-71 cm while the female weighs 41-57 cm and measures 56-66 cm. With care, a healthy dog can live for 7-12 years.

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