The Gull Terr is a Molosser that is domiciled in the Indian Subcontinent and shares common ancestry with its cousin the Alangu Mastiff. Nowadays, they inhabit most parts of Pakistan’s countryside where they are used as working dogs and guarding dogs. Sadly, their world-wide reputation stems from the fact that they are foremost combat dogs in the native Pakistan.

One outstanding feature of this breed is its exceptional energy. It is very active and can do a range of high energy tasks without becoming worn out. Perhaps therefore residents of Pakistan countryside employ them a lot when undertaking different energy intensive tasks like catching game or cattle.

Their predisposition to wild settings and environment almost disqualifies them from the office of pets.

gull terr war dog The Gull Terr is a mixed descendant of English Bull Terriers and local Pakistani breeds that were bred by the British colonialists.

This is a rare breed which has gained immense popularity for its fighting prowess and guarding instincts. It has been used as the dominant breed in creating other breeds which carry most of its traits.

This breed is quite tall and has a medium sized body. It also has a prominent broad chest.  Its ears are always erect in rest or in motion. Generally, the smooth coat of Gull Terr is white in colour and short. Some dogs have dark patches in the area around the head and on the breast.

It also has muscular hind legs and straight long back which tends to get narrower as it tapers towards the tail. The front and hind legs are well boned and strong giving it the firmness and balance to supports its weight.

The Gull Terrier can be helpful in alerting the home owner of imminent danger because of its curious attitude. Just like any guard dog, this dog won’t let anything pass by without raising alarm through barking.

This breed has also been noted for its ferociousness. Its boldness is remarkable but like any mastiff breed it can be aggressive through mauling and biting. Regardless of their size, the dog can cause irreparable damage when provoked or handled carelessly.

Although it is famed for its Braun rather than its brains, the Gull Terr nonetheless remains a breed of average intellectual acuity compared with other combat dogs in its league. It is more alert than its slow-moving counterparts and agile.

So, it can be quite reliable for short and long hunting expeditions in the wild. Its long legs are the driving force behind its swift motion and agility.

Despite its fierce manic and savage like tendencies, Gull Terr can shed much of its ferociousness when domesticated from infancy. However, the owner should muster some of the basic dog instincts and know how to relate with this Molosser.

It can be quite challenging to win the dogs trust but showering it with affection can be the gateway to a stronger and genuine bond which can last for a lifetime.

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