The Korean Mastiff or alternatively the Dosa Gae is believed to have a mixed heritage of European and Asian breeds that were cross bred with some English Mastiff breeds.

This Mastiff originates from South Korea and is bred as working dogs and pets in many areas. This breed heritage has been greatly influenced by Neapolitan Mastiffs and this has given them the characteristic loose and hanging skins and wrinkled outlook.

It is worthy to note that the Korean Mastiff is the most prominent breed in Korea because of its features. Generally, the breed has a huge body which makes it resemble the typical mastiff.

This breed comes in 3 distinct shades red, brown, and orange. In addition, the coat is short, with a silky appearance. In most cases, the chest may have varying shades of white or brown patches.

  the Korean Mastiff weighs up to 185 pounds and so it is the heaviest breed in Korea. It has more pronounced facial features which include loose hanging skin below the muzzle and large drooping soft ears.

The muzzle is also black, and the colour extends to the area around the eyes. The male Korean mastiff measures 64-76 cm while females measure 59-68 cm. Similarly, the males weigh an average of 180 pounds while female weigh 70 kg.

In addition, the breed has thick set eyes which are set wide apart. The jaws are also well developed, and the teeth aligned straight. The chest is wide and prominent from the front.

The Korean Mastiff requires light maintenance which includes periodic cleaning of the loose skin and disinfection to kill bacteria and other parasites.

Maintaining this heavyweight breed can be quite costly and so the homeowner needs to ensure he thinks over the decision of buying and rearing the breed. Much money will be spent on feeding and treatment or check-ups because they are more susceptible to skin diseases.

On average, the dog can live for anywhere between 7-12 years when properly maintained. Because of its heavy weight, the Korean Mastiff is a less agile and robust breed.

It moves about slowly with trotting movements rather than galloping like other dogs. Nevertheless, it still manages to display its majesty by making long strides.

The looks of this dog can be quite deceiving and so one may think they are not fierce. Naturally, dogs are predisposed to savage tendencies and the Korean mastiff is no exception. However, it is less temperamental than other Mastiffs and this has endeared them to home owners who want to keep them as pets

Generally, the Korean Mastiff is quite intelligent and faithful companion who makes home owners enjoy their company. This breed is also less troublesome.

Because it is a more docile breed, the owner may be required to take it out for exercises and make it more agile and robust. In some homes, this breed is used a watchdog thanks to its intimidating appearance.

This breed is also suitable as a pet dog because of its good-natured tendencies. It is less troublesome

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