The Kumaon Mastiff is an endangered breed that is considered a primitive breed of the Mediterranean. Although its fate was inclined towards extinction, renewed interest and attention has given the breed the chance to propagate new progenies.

kumaon mastiff dog breed
How much does a Kumaon Mastiff weight ?

Whats To Know About The Kumaon Breed

Other known breed names North American mastiff, and also just shortened to AM
Type of coatAM’s coat is usually short in length and quite dense
Colouring of the American breedMainly brindle as the most recognizable, but other shades and colours include fawn, apricot and brown
Country of originUnited States of America
What type of dog is the American Mastiff Medium level of exercise needed so not really a hard working dog, can make for family pet if trained at young age
How long does the breed live 8-12 years approx
How big can they grow, and how heavyHeight Male:
29 – 36 inches
Weight 160-200lbs

Height Female:

26 – 34 inches
Weight 140-180lbs
How many pups does the average litter have Litters can vary 4-6 puppies approx
How is the breed with children and other pets Like any breed of dog if treated well and given basic training then is no reason the dog cant be a valued family member
How much can expect to pay for a puppy, what’s the price or cost of American puppies for saleYou can expect to pay between $1000 to $2500 dependent of breeder and location and obviously the demand is also a factor if litters are rare in your area

It is rumoured that the breed’s number has fallen sharply in the regions in which it originated and only a few heads of this breed remain. However, the breed has gained popularity in Europe where it is used as pets.

This breed is believed to have originated in the Himalayan Mountains where it was first bred by native Kumaon Indian tribesmen. Dog pundits believe that the primitive ancestors were first domiciled in Cyprus before they were introduced to the region by explorers.

Regardless of its controversial origin, the Kumaon Mastiff breed of dog breed shares some similarities with the Indian Mastiff. Sadly, it has not received official recognition even in the face of an imminent extinction.

Some pundits believe its ancestors were bred by the famous conqueror Alexander the great and introduced to Asia on his excursions in the Indian subcontinent at about 300 BC.

There is a greater possibility that the Kumaon Mastiff is a distant cousin of the Indian breeds than Molossers of Europe. Although there might a possibility that the breed descended from the Cyprus ancestors, the connection between them is quite unclear and there is no documented evidence to support this belief.

So, questions still abound about the validity of these unsubstantiated claims.

The Kumaon Mastiff is not popular in many places but in the regions in which it originated. Although it has been exported to Europe, the chances for its survival remains slim because no one has taken bold move to propagate them.

Naturally, this Mastiff is a very independent dog that values its space and it may become aggressive when another dog intrudes into its territory. A great way to tame this aggressive dog is to train it in its infancy so that it can grow to like and relate with people.

Generally, the Mastiff has a smooth and short coat and comes in different shades with the dominant colour being either black or brown or mixed shades.

Some have white patches and lines which are more visible on the chest and on the face. This breed has well developed bones and the body is characteristically muscular and thin. It also has sturdy legs and a prominent head on which rests a medium sized muzzle.

 So, utmost care should be taken when handling them. With such a rich and controversial heritage, this Mastiff can be the ideal dog for the home owner who wants a unique breed which still retains much of the primitive demeanour and outlook typical of its ancestors.

This breed can also be a faithful companion and a guardian to the home owner because it has the warrior spirit that makes it bold and intimidating to strangers or intruders.

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