The origin or the leonberger was created by a German man heinrich essig back in the 1830’s, he was renowned dog breeder from Germany who had the thought of cross breeding a female Landseer Newfoundland with a male dog from the st Bernard breed

It was not until the 1840’s when history states that a Pyrenean mountain dog was added to the mix and from many cross breeding of the 3 breeds came the first of the leonberger dogs

The Leonberger is a very large almost huge breed of dog; its name comes from the city of Leonberg which resides in the country of Germany. The tales go that the dog was bred to symbolize the lion that appears in the crest of the city.

The Leonberger is part of the working dogs group when it come to the breed, they have a very thick double layer fur coat and are quite muscular in appearance and have a very striking look, the male and female of the breed can be told apart from the stature of each sex, the male is the largest and very rugged and muscular were as the female has a much more feminine structure to her build.

The Leonberger when correctly trained is a very loyal and obedient dog and has a good temperament when it comes to family living, as for other dogs they mix well with all breeds and do enjoy company, but with dog breed they do have a nasty side to their nature if provoked.

the male of the breed can grow up to 28-32 inches tall and weighs in at 120-170ib which is quite big by dog breed standards, the female of the Leonberger breed can grow to 25-30 inches and weighs in at 100-130lb, both dogs have a very good temperament and will make very good family pets.

The Leonberger coat is doubled layered and waterproof to a large degree, although their coat is amazing it does require allot of maintenance and they do loose allot of hair in the summer months.

The breed on a whole is a healthy one and the dogs are not susceptible to other illnesses due to over cross breeding, although like all breeds of dog they are not immune to all illnesses.

The  breeds life span is not long compared to some breeds and is only seven years approx., this is about 4 years less than a normal pure breed dog.

But that been said they are a very lovable dog and will give you back in loyalty and love what you give them, a good healthy diet with maintenance to their coat and your dog will live and have a happy life no matter how long it is.

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