The Olde English Bulldogge is categorized as a rare breed and is officially recognized by many dog associations. This breed was revived through a breeding programme in the early 70’s which infused other breeds such as American Bulldog and the Bullmastiff.

The motivation for this breeding programme was to develop a new breed that was immune from breathing difficulties. Therefore, the new breed maintained its primitive appearance but had temperament of the desired family dog. In recent years they have been bred as both family and working dogs by different breeders.

In general, the Olde English Bulldogge is less aggressive but has the guarding instincts of a true bulldog. Although it is much laid back it shouldn’t be misconstrued for being harmless, strangers should be wary when they are in the vicinity of this intimidating dog.

To keep it in good mood and improve its health, light exercise such as jogging, and walks will help this Bulldogge.

 When raised from its infancy and taken through the process of socialization, this breed can be very loyal and friendly. It may take time to build trust but with good care and affection, this breed will reciprocate with equal measure. It can live for as long as eleven years when take good care of.

The  Bulldogge has a small tail which is normally set low or to the side. The shiny coat of this breed is short and closely cropped and the colour may manifest as either brindle, solid white, or fawn.

Generally, the males weigh 27-36 kg and measure 17-20 inches while females weigh between 22-32 kg and measure 16-19 inches. As a muscular breed, the physical features of this Bulldogge are quite prominent.

The body is quite heavy and the limbs well boned and muscular which gives it profound stamina and firmness.

 The body is also well proportioned with each part being of the right size. Its head is well developed and raised. It also has strong thick neck of medium length and slightly curved. It tends to broaden from the point as it meets the shoulders.

The breed has full cheeks and a mouth which holds powerful jaws. One can notice facial wrinkles in most breeds. Its square muzzle is slightly wrinkled and deep.

The wrinkles may slight to moderate. Its eyes are round with some having near almond eyes which are set wide apart. In most case, the eye colour is brown to amber.  Another prominent feature is the wide black nose which is quite proportionate to the muzzle.

The breed has medium sized ears normally set wide apart at the sides of its broad head. The ears hung loose but it can be erect when they sense danger. The ears may be cropped into several shapes.


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