The Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a mountain sheepdog that originates in the mountainous regions of Poland. Its heritage dates to around 1300 AD when they were used by the natives as guarding dogs in grazing fields.

It is close to some of the Romanian breeds which have similar attributes. Although dogs of this breed were greatly famished and consequently decimated in the raging world wars, there has been renewed interest in breeding them particularly in Europe.

A characteristic feature of this breed is the dense white fur which covers the entire body even the tail giving it a puffed-up look. On the upper surface, they have long rough hair which can either be curled or straight depending on the environment they play or live.

This is one of the few breeds that boast of pure  white coats because of strict breeding. Generally, the nose is black which extends to the adjacent areas of the lips.

On average, a mature Polish Tatra sheepdog may weigh anything between 45-60 kg. The males measure 65-70 cm while the females measure 60-65cm from the shoulders. This breed has been noted for its hardiness and tends to be less prone to diseases such as epilepsy, bloat, and eye problems.

As country dogs, they have become accustomed to general guarding and herding tasks. So, they thrive more in environments where they have adapted.

Nevertheless, they have been domesticated as pets outside their habitats because of their genial nature. Homeowners who keep this breed may enjoy the double benefits of security and loyal companionship.

The typical Polish Tatra  is not docile but can respond effectively to a threat by making a loud bark. A pure breed is a good asset for the homeowner who wants to maintain a progeny of these agile and moderately tempered dogs.

Like all dogs with stubborn tendencies, the breed should be managed by someone who understands the needs and instincts of the dog but most important is the need to re-enforce leadership so that it becomes loyal and obedient.

If socialized well from infancy, the owner can find a thoughtful and devoted companion in this breed.  It can be affectionate to family members and respectful.

However, this is one breed that does not entertain strangers by being docile or aloof. It may be quite aggressive, and the level of aggression may vary according to the degree of socialization.

The Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a high-altitude breed which seems to thrive in cold areas and so it may experience stress when transferred to hot low altitude areas.

This breed sheds fur annually and so retains its attractive look by eliminating stained or dirty fur. Less grooming is recommended for this country working dog because it seldom gets dirty and because of its purpose.

This is a very attractive breed for anyone who wants pure bred dogs. Its flawless white colour and the dense fur give it a distinct appearance.

This high-altitude dog is one of the few intelligent and self-conscious breeds which seem to know more about its strength and limitations because of its ability to analyse a situation.

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