Professionally training your mastiff dog

You start to train your mastiff and suddenly hit a brick wall knowing this is not an easy task, first thought maybe give up, but that the last thing you want to do with such a large breed, now if you can afford it my recommendation is to hire a professional to take the rains as such and start the dog off on the right obedient path.

Mastiff professional dog training

There are pros and cons of hiring a professional dog training and the biggest con that spring to mind id obviously the cost, but once the basics have been mastered by your dog then you could take over using the shown techniques and commands the trainer has hopefully passed on.

Try to weigh up the pros and cons yourself if you really can’t move forward with the training of your mastiff, you also do have the option of cheaper classes were multiple mastiff dogs attend for basic training.

Biggest benefits of a professional dog trainer

First of it very obvious as this is their expert field they have trained in for years so they should know what they are doing, always try to find a trainer with past knowledge of the mastiff breed for training purposes as this will be beneficial for both the trainer and the dog.

Be confident – you need to be the confident one to show the dog that one your are the leader and two you sort of know what you are doing, by using your voice and body language you can make your confidence shown visible and heard at the same time.

You mastiff will cotton on quick to what is meant by the commands and that good behaviour may result in a treat, not every time but don’t tell them that lol.

Paid training classes to socialise – now you could say ill just take my mastiff to the park and let him meet other dogs at the dog park, you can but I feel that taking your dog to a trainer led session with other dog owners not only gives your dog the ability to socialise but so can you with other mastiff dog owners.

Cons of having to pay to train your dog.

I think with the mastiff breed the training requirements can differ dependant on what type of mastiff you have bought, the more docile larger dogs may not need as much training as the more athletic muscular dogs , but in both cases if you are not knowledgeable and confident to train the dog yourself I don’t see it’s a negative to hiring a professional.

Costs – probably the biggest hurdle to overcome is the cost, the mastiff puppy has probably set you back a few thousand dollars dependant on breed, but then you must fork out another bundle of

Cash that you were not expecting. Yes, lessons with a decent trainer can cost into the hundreds but with a breed such as the mastiffs is beneficial to get the dog properly trained and could save you in the long run.


If I spent thousands of dollars on a pet namely a huge mastiff then what’s a few more hundred dollars to get them trained well. What would look sillier than been pulled down the road by a small horse of having the one of the largest of dog breeds walking to heel, I bet the last choice would look far more impressive in anyone’s eyes.

Do your homework and find a good trainer in your area, not hard to do with the all good bookable classes and trainers been easily found on the internet, so take the leap of faith and invest just that little but more on your new found passion what ever they are called ?

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