Top 5 Mastiff Training Mistakes to Avoid

How do I ever train this small horse I hear you say, very common question from new mastiff owners, so instead of listing all the training techniques , which there are a lot off, I am going to list the top mistakes that need to be avoided once training commences.

The content below has been gathered over the years from own experience and from a lot of lovely mastiff dog owners who have got in contact with me. Also, if you want more information on any topic, they are all covered in the owner’s manual Here!

Training mistakes to avoid

These are I reckon the top of the list but if you feel you would like to add to the list on the website feel free to use the comments section and the end of the article and I would gladly add your mastiff dog training nightmares to this section

Do you want to play or dominate me?

Like most animals mastiff dog behaviour has 2 sides, on one hand they may want to play and fake growling and biting is usually the way to identify this, but if your mastiff is showing aggressive behaviour towards you then don’t mistake between the two, as an aggressive dog is very unpredictable , and any such traits need to addressed immediately

Natural instincts

 some of the breeds of mastiff were predominantly used for the art of herding and to assist the shepherds with their flock duties, this is a natural instinct in the dogs breeding and should not be thought of as a bad feature of the dog, as long as it doesn’t start thinking your sheep ha-ha..

It wasn’t me?

Teaching your dog right from wrong is the basis of most obedience training, but just like a small child they react better when they have been caught in the act when they have done something wrong and can be shown a better way. A mastiff will not understand been shouted at after the so-called event, they are more likely to stick 2 paws up and walk off.

Just this once maybe?

All dogs and mastiffs are not excuse to the rule need consistency in there training and behaviour, other wise the right from wrong does get a little confusing for the dog. So, its not a case of yes you can come on the bed today and then not tomorrow, they need clear boundaries on what they can do or where they can go (even with wet muddy paws)

Never raise your hand!

Some trainer still continue to use or promote the basis of training around punishment, this is strongly advise against, for one its not at all needed and is very archaic, a praise and treat basis for your training will benefit the dog quicker with its training and no confusion or mixed punishment which really with make the dog scared of you more thank anything .

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